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On Friday August 22, 2014 the Explainer Blog Team took a trip to Tumblr Headquarters! Having never gone before, we were all super excited to meet the staff and get some insight. 

We met Katherine Barna, Betsy Cannon, Sarah Henochowicz and Janice Chang. These women told us about their backgrounds and how they attained jobs at Tumblr. It was super inspirational to hear their stories!

As a team we had many questions about how to create a more beneficial blog for our readers and we got a lot of advice that we are excited to use. Our tumblr experience was topped off with goodies and a tour of the Headquarters!

We look forward to planning a better experience for our readers and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to message us! 

Left to Right : quetevala hiba-ayub sarahhnyc alittlespace forklady42 kiestria lunarorbiter we-r-not-tour-guides abster630 comaniddy


Yours truly and the New York Hall of Science visiting Tumblr for the best day ever.